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Bushido Japanese Restaurant

April 13, 2023


The Kitchen . This is where the magic begins! We don’t just cook food, we prepare meals! We prepare each meal with enthusiasm, energy and passion, especially tailored to your very specific needs.

In order to achieve this, each kitchen staff goes through an extensive training program and as a result, you can expect great meals consistently, each time you visit us!

Who trains them? Our head chef of course! He not only has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics, but also has over 17 years of experience cooking and preparing Japanese food. Throughout his years in the Japanese Restaurant industry, he has learned to combine traditional and westernized style of sushi and hibachi, a winning recipe for an exceptional and unforgettable dining experience.

The Front . Our restaurant is your restaurant!  We are your neighborhood Cheers!

Our front of the house staff are trained not just to greet you, but to welcome you home! Each time you come through our front doors, you’re sure to see a friendly, smiling face, eager to serve you, know how your day’s been, and find out how we can make it a better one for you. Our goal is to make sure your time with us is well spent!

Bushido Japanese Restaurant offers Dine-In, Take-Out, Catering and Delivery!

The Promise . There is only one thing that a restaurant can rely on for its success…its customers. And that is why we cannot take them for granted. Each Bushido customer is a blessing to us and we will strive to make it worth their whiles. We will be honest in the way we do business and we will be diligent in the way we serve you. That’s the Bushido promise!