Make a lasting, cost-effective connection with local consumers.

Our professional, strategic postcard marketing services bring customers to your door, store, or website, and get your phone ringing.

Why Postcard Marketing Works:

Mailbox and mail

Postcards are not easily missed.

A large postcard in the mailbox customers have to physically touch is not as easy to overlook. Even if the ad is promptly discarded the viewer still had to acknowledge it. When done properly, a good direct mail piece will stand out in a crowded mailbox, grab the customer’s attention and entice them to act. Local trend postcards are a beautiful full color and high-quality card stock.

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New Mover Postcards

Make a first and lasting impression with new homeowners who have just moved to the area. Welcome the homeowner with a personalized postcard and a special gift or offer from your business. Create brand name awareness and loyalty from the start.

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Birthday Postcards

Develop a personal feeling and connection between your business and consumers with a personalized birthday greeting and a very special celebration offer. Create consumer loyalty year in and year out.


Radius or Neighborhood Postcards

Want to do more work in a neighborhood because they are your ideal customer? Send a personalized postcard to households within a specific radius around that ideal customer's home. Tell them that you've just helped their neighbor with a recent project or service.

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1. Contact Us

We will take the time to learn about your business and your needs. We will then create a plan to achieve the goals.

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2. Custom Ad

Our artist will design you a custom postcard that coordinates with the look and feel of your business. The postcard will be designed to help achieve our goals.


3. Grow Your Business

Your postcard will be delivered to single family homes in your desired area.

A sign etched in glass, Come In, We're Open.

“Our entire family loves local trend and all the local businesses!”

“I wanted to let you know we absolutely LOVE this publication’s design! A co-worker brought it in and was so impressed with the UNIQUE look.  She has a degree in graphic design and kept going on and on about how good it looked!”

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